CASS Conference 2018: United in Diversity

How unity works in a divided nation

October 12 - 14, 2018

Holiday Inn Airport - Bloomington, MN

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CASS Leadership

CASS Leadership Team

Reuben Garang, President
Aluel Poni Mayen, Treasurer
Bill Andress, Secretary

Board Members

Mike Brand
Rev. James Kwek
William Pay
Noel Lako

CASS Membership

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CASS Advocacy


December 15, 2017

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Since 1993

Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan (CASS)

The Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan (CASS) was established in April 2014 and became a registered nonprofit in 2017 with the following:

Mission:  CASS seeks to help establish a just and lasting peace in South Sudan. Our advocacy is directly informed by the situation on the ground and the South Sudanese people who urgently seek:  justice, peace, an end to violence, humanitarian aid, and establishment of a democratic nation with equality for all.

Membership:  CASS members primarily are South Sudanese now living in North America; they come from various ethnic backgrounds and work together with the interest of all the people of South Sudan at the fore rather than any specific group.  All agree to place current and historical ethnic issues behind them and work for the good of all South Sudanese.  All agree that all groups and cultures are equal in value if not in population.

CASS hopes to accomplish its mission by drawing representatives of all major diaspora groups into its membership so that the diaspora can speak with one voice as CASS seeks to accomplish its mission.

Strategically, CASS focuses on the most immediate issues at hand in a progression from (1) ending the armed conflict and allowing humanitarian aid to reach all the people who need it, (2) establishing an interim government, (3) establishing accountability for all, (4) followed by healing the trauma caused by the civil war, and (5) reconciliation.  This can bring (6) lasting peace.


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