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Currently CASS is focused on ending the armed conflict and providing humanitarian aid. 

The current conflict in South Sudan arose out of a political difference within the SPLM between President Kiir and his former First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar and their supporters.  At this point multiple other political and military forces have entered the conflict.  No side is able to defeat the other sides - at least at this time. Thus the conflict must be resolved through political negotiation. Little progress is being made, people are being killed, infrastructure destroyed, and earlier agreements to cease conflict have not been honored.

Meanwhile people are starving and fleeing their homes and to other nations because of the war-induced famine and the continuing attacks on civilians by military forces.

Our Approach

Our Mission

CASS seeks to help establish a just and lasting peace in South Sudan. Our advocacy is directly informed by the situation on the ground and the South Sudanese people who urgently seek:  justice, peace, an end to violence, humanitarian aid, and establishment of a democratic nation with equality for all.

Our Story


We Believe:

To bring the sides to serious negotiation, four major actions must occur.

External pressure: The IGAD nations, United States, and China especially have strong vested interests in peace and justice in South Sudan.  We must lobby those nations to bring pressure on the leaders through economic, financial, political, and all ways except military intervention.

Face-to-Face meeting:  A face-to-face meeting among the stakeholders is necessary to gain true commitment to peaceful solutions to this conflict.  We believe that President Donald Trump of the United States can bring about a constructive meeting in the U.S.

Internal pressure: South Sudan civic, church, youth and women's leadership have strengthened considerably since 2009.  As major stakeholders they must have equal voices to those of political and military representatives at the negotiating table.

People pressure: South Sudanese everywhere need to contact their friends and relatives who are involved in the fighting and point out to them that this conflict will not resolve the issues that matter to them.  The leaders have begun fighting for their own political futures and not for the people. This war has taken a horrible toll on the people of South Sudan and their material structures. This continues to get worse. Thus we urge the frontline commanders to observe the Cessation of Hostilities and other agreements signed by their leaders in Addis as the only way to guarantee peace for them and their families.

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